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This technique allows to recreate a visual homogeneity on your crown. 

The filling allows to hide these thousands of small scars in order to obtain a beautiful consistency. The best results will be achieved on a closely shaved crown in order to obtain an interesting trompe l'oeil.

On scar tissue, 5 sessions of HAIR TATTOO are necessary for an optimal result.

cicatrices fue post greffe capillaire Bruxelles
Dissimulation de cicatrices avec la micropigmentation
Cicatrice post greffe cheveux fut
Dissimulation de cicatrice fue avec la tricopigmentation



This technique allows to reduce the visibility of your scar. The principle is to fill this white band with tiny dots to imitate shaved hair. This allows the integration of this scar strip with the hair of the crown. The best results will be achieved with a closely shaved crown in order to obtain an optimal effect.

Five HAIR TATTOO sessions are required on scar tissue.

Hair tattoo is not "magic"!

Transplantation leaves scars. Fortunately, Scalp micro pigmentation reduces its visibility.Whether your scars are from fue or fut surgery, a few sessions will bring you satisfaction. The pigmentation sessions are only done on a shaved area, this requires meticulousness. 4 to 5 sessions are necessary because scar tissue tends to be more recalcitrant. These sessions must be spaced at least 10 days apart to allow the skin to recover and heal. 


My "scar concealment" rates apply in the form of a flat rate including the different sessions required. 

€900 for a FUT
€1,900 for an FUE  area

Send me some representative photos via WhatsApp,

this will allow me to confirm the price


Micropigmentation capillaire bruxelles.png
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