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Without a doubt, Scalp Micro Pigmentation is the fastest growing solution in recent history of hair loss industry 🚀

Non-invasive, permanent, without medication and safe for the body.

SMP is highly developed in Anglo-Saxon countries and It's seriously developing worldwide...

Be precursors! Make a serious training to learn this extraordinary and lucrative technique €€€



- Private training France Jan 2 - 6

- Private training Brussels March 7 - 11 (Afrique)

- Training group Florida, USA April 22 - 25

- Private training Spain May 16 - 20

- Private training Brussels May 25 - 29 (France)

- Private training Brussels June 4 - 8 (Hollande)

- Private training Brussels June 18 - 22 (Belgique)

- Private training Brussels July 2 - 6 (Martinique)

- Private training Brussels July 18 - 22 (Suisse)

- Private training Netherlands Aug 27 - 28


- Training group Poland Sept 3 - 7 

- Private training Brussels Nov 7 - 11 (France)

- Private training Brussels Nov 28 - Dec 2 (Ireland)

- Training group Florida, USA Dec 5 - 8


- Training group Netherlands February 26 - 30

- Private training France April 4 - 6

 (Hair tattoo Studios)

- Private training France April 10 -14  

 (Hair tattoo Studios) 

- Advanced training group Roma, Italy May 6 - 7

- Private training Poland May 11 - 15

- Advanced private training Poland May 17 - 18

- Training group France June 7 - 10     

 (Hair tattoo Studios)  

- Training group San Diego, USA  June 27 - 30

- Advanced training Belgium July 9 - 10

- Training group Mexico city, Mexico August 5 - 8

- Training group Montreal, Canada August 19 - 23

- Training group Spain October 3 - 6

- Training group Treviso, Italy December 3 - 6

- Advanced training Treviso, Italy December 7 - 8

Observation, understanding and lot of practice! The key...

Four  intensive   days

private class or training group 



Theory (4-day module)

- Who are our clients

- Fundamentals core of technique

- Different types of alopecia

- Norwood Scale & Ludwig

- Different type of pigmentations: densification on thinning hair & grafted area / shaved appearance / concealment scars

- Approach of customers... 

- Advantages & Inconvenience of scalp micro pigmentation

- The most important parameters to obtain best results

- Global skin approach

- Colorimetry: choosing the right pigment according to the skin type & consequences of inappropriate choice

- Healing of skin, timing for touch ups, care and recommendations post treatment

- Health questionnaire to be submitted to the client

- Mutual consent to be signed by the client before the first session

- Global marketing approach... and social networks advices for the best visibility $$$

Practice (4-day module)

- Workstation and its preparation

- Hygiene before/during/after session

- Assembly of the machine, its operation and adjustment of the needle 

- Technique/gesture: angle, pressure, depth, speed and rythme

- Consequences of unsuitable gesture

- Different working positions according to the case

- Errors not to commit during session

- Pencil processus to draw hairlines  (on model)

- Pigmentation practicing on melon (day 1)

- Pigmentation practicing on models under my supervision (day 2 - 3 - 4)

- You must realise a full success treatment during your training 🎓 (alopecia - thinning hair - hair transplant scar)

- You will get your certificate if i feel you are able to manage everything  😊


Extras (4-day module)


* Life long support...

* Possibility to come back and observing my work (one day)

* list & links of equipment (online order, saving time & money)

* list & links of consumables (online order, saving time & money)

* Basic portfolio to launch your communication: "before - after" photos kit of my work at your disposal...

* Photos + videos of your training

Modules (private training)

For trainings abroad please contact me.


- 4-day fundamentals module for people practicing without experience...  3.900€ Euros

- 3-day module for people "already practicing Tricopigmentation" and want to be converted  2.900€ Euros

- 2-day advanced module for people "already practicin  SMP" and wish to improve their level  1.900€ Euros

- 1-day module for people "already practicin SMP" and wish to improve "One thing"  900€ Euros

Modules (training group)

- 4-day fundamentals module for people practicing without experience...  3.500€ Euros per student

- 2-day advanced module for people "already practicin  SMP" and wish to improve level  1.600€ Euros per student

Examples of "one-day" module:

* Mastering the gesture on model (angle, pressure, speed and rhythm)  900€ Euros

* How create appropriated hairline on model (process by pencil)  900€ Euros

* How pigment natural hairline on model  900€ Euros

* How create consistence about density on model  900€ Euros

* Colorimetry, understand which pigment choosing and why... (keys has a price!)  900€ Euros

* Special request on estimate.


2-day / 1-day module is only for people who is practicing SMP! 

# The required qualities to learn SMP is perseverance, patient and meticulousness! Passion will come...


The best way to learn? An intensive training with enough days and lot of practice!

I mean intensive training of four days. Even for people experienced in permanent makeup, microblading or tattoo.



It is not easy to find a SMP quality training. They are usually offered by trainers without real experience in this very special technique! They are aware to the huge potential for this industry 💵.  Fortunately things change. Now, there is really good trainings center around the world.

For me, the way to learn in best conditions is to choose a technician only trained in SMP and who only practicing SMP!

In addition, he must have a "certain" route and producing top results!!


Personally, I propose a training with the most important things about theory (no blablabla) through 90% of practice!

So, you will able to handle your first customer in solo relatively relaxed...


For this, it is imperative that you find minimum two models on which you can working under my permanent supervision of course! You will make your first pigmentation from A to Z. It will allow you to carry out the touch-up sessions in the following weeks...

Your training can be organised in your beauty salon no matter where you are located in the world...  or in my private workspace. I will assist you to choose an affordable & confortable hotel.


If you are interested to learn this amazing technique you can contact me by email, I will give you different options based on your level.

Belgium - france - Switzerland - Morocco

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