Shaved effect 


Zone 1: 1.200€

Zone 1 + 2: 1.800€

Zone 1 + 2 + 3: 2.400€

Zone 1 + 2 + 3 + 4: 3.300€


 Thinning hair 

+ 20%

If you only have one zone to treat (e.g. zone 3 or 4) an estimate will be transmitted on representative pictures.

The rates of SMP treatment vary according to the area of the scalp to be treated. In fact, the number of zones.

In case of alopecia Totalis or Universalis, price will be transmitted during a consultation or based on quality pictures.

Prices explained above "by zone" are for all sessions needed to achieve final result!

The best approach to confirm a quote is to send me few pictures from several angles:

Face, head down, left / right profile, vertex and back of your head. All that by Email / WhatsApp / Messenger.

If you want to meet me in consultation in my private working place I will dedicate enough time for you.

You could ask me all questions about this fabulous technique! 

Scar: FUT (strip scar)


Scars: FUE

From 1.000€ to 1.500€ depends of the size of the zone

Belgium - france - Morocco

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