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SMP training in Mexico city?

Dernière mise à jour : 20 juil. 2020

Come and learn scalp micro pigmentation in Mexico City 😘

I will be hosted by Eliza Tamez master Phibrows in Monterey, Mexico.

First training experience for me in Mexico! I'm excited... can't wait 😎

I moved to Mexico with my wife and my dog January 2018 to live under the sun.

I was in contact with Eliza for long time... so when I landed in Merida I contacted her to ask her If we can organise a Hair tattoo class in Mexico City. She said YES!

So, If you want to ad this service in your beauty salon or and offering this awesome technique to help people who suffers of hairless problems... don't miss this opportunity! Price is USD 3,500 per student with a $1,350 optional cost for starter kit (machine, needle, pigment). The best equipment in the SMP market, trust me I tried some stuffs during my journey...

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