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Scalp Micro Pigmentation & Hair Transplant scars!

Hair transplant surgery lets some horrible scar on the back... From one ear to the other! Impossible to hide It.

People who have undergone a hair transplant often find themselves in a vicious circle...


Because over time their alopecia evolves and they continue to lose their hair...

At some point, only the option of shaving is available to them! Unfortunately in this case, the scar becomes very visible! They are lost... and caught between the idea of not shaving (but the alopecia is very visible) or shaving their head (but the scar is very visible) 🙃

And that's when SMP can work miracles!

With a principle of re-densification of the strip, each pigmented dot will imitate a shaved hair!

By working in a homogeneous way while respecting hair density of the crown surrounding the scar, this stigma will be much less visible to others 😘

Scalp micro pigmentation can't completely hiding a hair transplant scar but it's gives some awesome improvements...

Belgium - france - Morocco

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