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Artist & experienced trainer

The process consist to introduce micro particles of pigment into the scalp using a dermographer.

Those particles of pigment will remain suspended into the skin.

They appear incredibly like shaved follicles!

These thousands of dots imitate a freshly shaved scalp and give the appearance of a full density.

The effect is natural, bluffing and undetectable for people!

* * * * * 

             I can improve your "wellness" and your appearance with this amazing technique!

I have enough feedbacks to say my clients are transformed in their lives. Either in their family circle, professional environment, sports sphere... 

and more broadly in society! They regain their smile, they agree again to pose on the family photos...

They stop wearing their *super cap* and they stop all subterfuges to hide their problem.

In short, they are finally again comfortable with their image. They find back confidence and that is priceless!

Formation privée ou groupe


*Brussels 2013 

Private training in dermopigmentation by Biotek Milan

*Paris 2013

Private basic SMP training by Monique Riera

*Brussels 2015

Private training in colorimetry by Nada El-Hoss 

*New York 2015 

Master class by Matt Lulo "Scalp Micro USA" leader in USA

*Manchester, UK 2018

Meeting of Minds, Nominated best technician international

*Nottingham, UK 2018 

Invited as judge Micropigmentation to the UK Conference & Awards

*London, UK 2019

Meeting of Minds, Nominated best technician international

*Orlando, FL 2019 WSMPA

Nominated Europe artist of the year 

UK and USA are the two spots with a high concentration of practitioners.

Fortunately, mentalities are changing in Europe!

The community of SMP is focusing on communication about this technique, which is still unknown...

Conferences, meetings, demonstrations, advertising campaigns and other initiatives help to broaden our vision to this extraordinary hair loss solution.

Shaved effect
Thinning hair

Belgium - france - Switzerland - Morocco

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